Adult Winter 2 Leagues:
D-Line: Tuesday Jan. 1st, 2019
Start: Week of Jan. 14th, 2019


High School Winter 2 Leagues:
D-Line: Friday Dec. 28th, 2018
Start: Week of Jan. 7th, 2019


Youth (Select/Competitive) Winter 2 Leagues:
D-Line: Friday January 11th, 2019
Start: Saturday Feb. 2nd, 2019
(6 games/$410)
Games end before outdoor begins!


Kids Kickers (Recreational- Individual Registration):
D-Line: Friday Jan. 25th, 2019 OR until registration is full
Start: Saturday Feb. 9th, 2019

Kids Kickers registration is now closed as we have reached
capacity. However, we are currently taking registration for
the wait-list. If you would like to register please drop off, fax,
or email the form to us. We won't take any payment until we
find a team. 

Are you an individual looking to join
an adult team? Please select the link

All information can be found on registration form

PLAYER CARD REMINDER All players except Kids Kickers will need a player card. We have a brand new player card program which means ALL players will need to fill out a new waiver and follow these steps:
1. Fill out waiver (Parent MUST sign if under 18 years of age) NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. Show ID.  This can be a Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Outdoor Players Card, or Insurance Card with birth date.
3. $5 Annual fee.
Once you pay the fee player cards can be used for multiple sessions on multiple teams until August 31st with no additional fees.
REFEREE FEES: Referee fees will be paid directly to the referee each game ($8-Adults/HS), ($6 Youth), ($0-Kickers)-