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ISC Rules of the Game

1. All free kicks are direct, including kick-off. Players have 5-seconds to put the ball in play; infringement results in turnover of possession. In Coed, male kicks are indirect.

2. On kick-off, ball may be played forward or backward.

3. When a free kick is being taken, the defending team must be a minimum of 10 feet from ball. This is automatic and the team does not need to ask the referee for 10 feet. Players within 10 feet that interfere with the free kick will receive a blue card.

4. NO offside.

5. Shinguards are mandatory for all players at all times– NO Exceptions!!

6. All players must wear indoor shoes (flats), turfs or sneakers – No molded cleats allowed at any time. Players in the Kickers league, youth competitive leagues, and high school are exempt from this rule.

7. Substitutions on the fly. Player must be off the field before substitute can enter. Infringement results in 2-minute penalty.

8. Each player must present a valid Idaho Soccer Center players card to the referee prior to the start of each game. Referee’s will collect player cards from each individual player only. Players caught trying to play without a valid players’ card will receive a blue card. They must leave the field to get a card and the team must play a player short for 2 minutes. Repeat offenders may be subject to suspensions.

9. Number of players on field at a time:
U-8 and below= 7 plus a goalkeeper (8 vs. 8).
U-9 thru U-11= 6 plus a goalkeeper (7 vs. 7).
U-12 thru U-17= 5 plus a goalkeeper (6 vs. 6).
Adult Men and Women= 5 plus a goalkeeper (6 vs. 6).
Adult Coed and HS Coed= 6 plus a goalkeeper (7 vs. 7).
*Adult/HS Coed is played with 3 guys, 3 girls, and a goalie (goalie does not count toward the total # of guy or girl field players). Teams may play with more than 3 girl field players but not more than 3 guy field players. * 

10. Game clock will start at scheduled time – No Exceptions!! Games are on a running clock with no stoppage of time.

11. No half time is given.

12. Sliding tackling is strictly prohibited. Infringement may result in a 2-minute penalty or a yellow card.

13. The goalkeeper may slide ONLY in the penalty arc, and will be subject to penalties should he/she slide outside of arc. If a goalkeeper is charged with a 2-minute penalty, a field player may serve the penalty.

14. The goalkeeper may retain possession of the ball with his/her hands for a maximum period of 5-seconds. Bouncing the ball is prohibited.

15. All free kicks awarded inside the penalty arc will be taken from the ‘spot’ at the top of the arc.

16. Where the ball is out of play? :

 - A ball which strikes the side netting or leaves the playing field will result in a free kick next to the wall (approx. arms length) where stoppage of play occurred.

A ball which strikes the netting between the yellow corner marks, having last been touched by the attacking team, will result in the goalkeeper THROWING the ball directly into play.

A ball which strikes the netting between the yellow corner marks, having last been touched by the defensive team, will result in a corner kick.

A ball which strikes the ceiling will result in a free kick on the closest white line with a yellow dot.

17. If a goalkeeper plays the ball beyond all 3 lines in the air, and without the ball touching a player or wall, a free kick is awarded to the opposing team on the yellow dot nearest that goalkeeper.

18. Teams are responsible for supplying game balls.

19. Only team players and 2 coaches are allowed in the team bench area. Youth teams are required to have at least one adult (25 years or older) in the team bench area at all times. Cameras and all other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the team bench area or field.

20. Protests are not allowed. Referee decisions are final. A card may be given at the discretion of the referee.

21. Penalties:

Players receiving a blue card will serve a 2-minute penalty. If the opposing team scores during the 2 minutes the player may re-enter the field.

Players receiving a yellow card will serve a full 4-minute penalty.

2 blues = yellow card. 3 blue cards= red card. 1 blues and 1 yellow= red. 2 yellows= red. 


When a player receives a Red Card:

1) He/She is ejected from the game and must vacate the premises immediately

2) His/Her team will serve a 5 Minute penalty

3) He/She is suspended from play for a minimum of 1 week or up to 1 game, whichever is longer.

4) Players rostered on multiple teams are suspended from play for all teams for the term of the suspension.

5) Management reserves the right to administer more severe punishment for behavior deemed egregious, violent or dangerous.  Suspensions, including permanent banishment, are not subject to refunds of fees paid.

22. Each team is required to bring alternate jerseys.

23. All games will be 2 x 22 minute halves.

24.  From Sept. 1st – August 31st if you play (OR SUB) in Mens or Coed level 1 or 2 you forfeit the right to play Mens 5/O-30Coed 4, or Coed 5.

*If level 2 is combined with level 3 then they can still play in Mens 5/O-30Coed 4, or Coed 5.

25. Chewing gum on the playing field is strictly prohibited. Players caught will receive a 2-minute penalty.

26. Foul language will not be tolerated from players, coaches, or spectators!

27. Players in the High School division MUST be in High School



These leagues are meant to be recreational in nature and we will strive to keep them that way. Referees will enforce the following ‘special’ rules:

1. All free kicks are direct, including kick-off. Players have 5-seconds to put the ball in play; infringement results in turnover of possession. In Coed, male kicks are indirect, meaning the ball must be passed.

2. All bench penalties must be served by a male player.

3. All blue cards charged to a goalkeeper must be served by a male player or the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper must serve his/her own penalty when receiving a yellow.

4. Menacing Foul: If the referee feels that a player, through action or words, threatens, intimidates or places in jeopardy a member of the opposing team, a free kick shall be awarded, and, if warranted, a blue, yellow, or red card may be given.

5. In Coed 1, 2, and 3 each male player has a 3 goal maximum. In Coed 4+ and O-30 Male players have a 2 goal maximum.

6. In Coed 1, 2, and 3 Female goals are worth 1 point. In Coed 4+ and O-30 Female goals are worth 2 points.

7. Macho Rule= If a male player strikes a ball and hits a female player on the opposing team, who is not making a defensive play on the ball, then a foul will be called and the opposing team will receive a free kick. There is a difference between playing defense and making a defensive play, it is the referee's discretion.  Cards may be given at the referee’s discretion based on where it struck the opposing female and the power of the strike.