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Rink (Boards/Glass) FOR SALE

Hey Everyone,

We miss you and hope you are all doing great! 

We are checking to see if anybody is interested in buying the rink (boards/glass) that were used at the Idaho Soccer Center (SLIDESHOW BELOW). We had a buyer, but it has fallen through last minute and we wanted to reach out to people local. The field was approximately 85 feet wide x 180 feet long. Below are pictures of the rink when it was at the soccer center as well as pictures of the rink packaged up on pallets and ready to move. The rink can be stored in the space of 4-5 parking spots. 

Brand new, rinks typically cost $110,000+. Below is a link to a rink broker so you can get an idea of what used rinks go for.

If you are interested, please reach out with any questions and feel free to make an offer.

Please email or text 971-533-1280

Cody St. John

Additional Info

The field at the soccer center was approx. 180 feet long and 85 feet wide. We did have a few extra boards/glass in storage and used some boards/glass for player boxes that could be used to make the field larger. 

Total of 74 boards.
Majority of boards are- 8' wide x 3' 7" tall x 5.5" deep. 

Total of 140 panes of 1/2" tempered safety glass. 
Majority of panes (side of field)- 3'7" wide x 4' tall x 1/2" thick
Tall panes of glass (ends of field)- 3'7" wide x 6' tall x 1/2" thick

Steel Framed Goals:
14'8" wide x 8' tall x 4' deep